Commercial Building Inspection Los Angeles

A professional commercial building inspection is absolutely VITAL when you are planning to purchase, lease or sell a commercial building.

It’s the hidden details that you don’t see that really count. You need to know not only what shape the building and its components are in right now, but what expenses may arise in the near and longterm future. A CREI commercial building inspection will provide you with the answers you need to make an informed, successful decision.

Without accurate inspection information, there’s no telling what you’re buying — which could mean potential disaster.

  • How is the roof? Does it have any life left in it? Do I need a new one? Does it need immediate repairs? How much will these things cost me?
  • How is the Heating and Air Conditioning? Are they on their last legs, or how many years do you estimate they have left?
  • Are those cracks I see in the walls cosmetic or a possible concern? Is there structural damage?
  • Do I have enough electrical power and connections for my business needs?
  • What shape is the plumbing in? Do I need to fix or replace any of it now?
  • How much will the building cost me in upkeep and maintenance over the next five years?
  • If I need someone to fix or replace something who do I call?

Commercial Building Inspections in the Greater Los Angeles Area

When it comes to commercial building inspections, giving our clients professional service is the whole idea. Our many years of experience and our many thousands of successful inspections allows us to do just that.

All CREI inspectors carry professional liability insurance for our client’s protection should the need ever arise. All inspectors have met all educational requirements.

Comprehensive RISK Assessment® Report

What sets our company apart is its unique RISK Assessment® Report, provided at no extra charge with every inspection. This report is the first of its kind to introduce a 5 year breakdown and sequence of costs for the buyer. This covers the useful life and replacement costs of the 5 major systems in any commercial property: Structure, Roof, Heating & Air, Plumbing and Electrical. We call our reports “Reliable Inspection for Systems Knowledge” or RISK Assessment®. Our reports are:

  • Easy to understand the exact current condition of your building
  • No overly-technical language used
  • Tells you what the condition of your property should be
  • Informs you of what costs to expect in the next 5 years
Make sure you confirm that you are making a good investment by getting a properly done commercial building inspection before you buy.